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Please add us to your daily prayers.  God is using this ministry to touch the lives of people all around the world. God’s Daily Word Ministries is focused in two main areas of ministry. One area of ministry is internet based through email and web site devotions as well as personal email correspondence, and the other area is direct community transformation in two separate areas of Kenya.  I have included much more information on our Kenya ministry below.  I pray this will continue to be an efficient and effective ministry which encourages as many people as possible to draw closer to God.

This is an awesome opportunity – for us all!  Please consider supporting this ministry with your prayers and, as God leads, with your financial contributions.   This ministry will not be able to continue without your help.  God’s Daily Word Ministries is a non-profit, tax-exempt corporation (501c-3), registered in the State of Texas.  Tax deductible contributions may be sent to:

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Kenya Ministries

Our ministry in Kenya consists primarily of our school in the slum area of Mathare outside of Nairobi.  In this project, we are looking to do much more than educate the children, more than making sure that they receive a nutritious meal during the day, even more than making sure they understand the saving gospel of Jesus Christ, we are working very hard to transforms the lives of entire families and even entire communities associated with the love of Christ.  This has caused us to focus on relationship building and this is a process which takes much time.


The area of Mathare is located just outside the city of Nairobi, Kenya.  I have beed criticized for referring to the area as a slum but I’m not sure how else to describe it.  The people in Mathare refer to the area as a slum so I think the name is appropriate.  The living conditions are both deplorable and sad.  Most of the families live in small single rooms without running water.  And most of the families are terribly broken.  Poverty is what is most easily seen, but what is contained directly under the surface is drugs, alcohol, and dispare, absent fathers, filth, and disease.  In the midst of these surroundings children continue to be born and grow…and wander.  This is the area of God’s Daily Word Academy.

In the center we have qualified, and very loving, teachers who provide instruction throughout the day.  We also make sure the children are fed a mid morning porridge and a healthy lunch.  Many of these children would be hungry throughout the day if not for the school.

The families of the children who attend the Center have great needs.  But we are operating under the guidelines that the most important needs can only be met through a life devoted to Christ.  And this type of transformation can only occur through a long term relationship.  This year we hired a family pastor/counselor who is devoting her time to visiting the families and praying with them.  We are beginning to see great fruit from this effort.

Another project we undertook this year was to provide uniforms for the children.  This instilled a sense of pride in the children, gave a sense of hope to the families, and also made it easier for the teachers to keep track of the children when they had outside activities.

In 2015 we started a major expansion project, building our own facility.  We now educate and feed 250 kids up through eighth grade.  We continue to need additional support for this project.


Mathare Kids in Play Area


Thank You!

Steve Troxel
President, God’s Daily Word Ministries