Africa 2006

I did not travel to Africa in 2006 – and yet, this was our most productive year!!

I was given a generous donation in the beginning of 2006 specifically for work in Kenya.  We were able to accomplish many different projects – we helped build four churches, improve three church buildings, train 1000 people through a Bible correspondence course, purchase Bible dictionaries for a training program, help supply a Bible training center for Kenyan pastors, and several other projects with an emphasis on training.

I’m very pleased with what God allowed us to accomplish through these projects.  However, this is really only a first step.  The door has definitely been opened but we must pray harder than ever before to determine what God would have us do.  Please continue to pray for direction for me and for those who support this ministry.

Opening Message at Glory Fellowship

Bwana Asifiwe
Bwana Asifiwe

Greetings Fellow Pastors and all of Glory Fellowship!

This is Steve Troxel, President of God’s Daily Word Ministries. I love my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and I thank Him that I have the opportunity to write to you today. Thank you for listening carefully to the words I write and which are now being read. Please listen to these words very carefully!

This is a day of celebration as we rejoice in what God has accomplished with the building of Glory Fellowship and with the strengthening of International Gospel Equipping Ministries (IGEM). I pray that you have a wonderful celebration, worship our awesome God, and glorify Him all through the day, long into the night and long after you leave this time of fellowship. In fact, I pray that this celebration will be a true turning point in your life where you will renew your commitment to follow Him without turning to the right or to the left for all the rest of your days.

Although we are here today to celebrate the opening of a new building, it is my strong conviction that we are here to initiate something so much more. I first became involved with IGEM in the year 2000 through Rev Michael Wafula as we formed a friendship through the email. He shared with me his vision for an organization of churches which would begin in Kitale and spread out through all of Africa. His desire was to equip the body to serve Jesus Christ. In the beginning I did not know how I could help but I continued to write material which was used to help teach and encourage the body with the word of God.

Then in 2004 I was able to travel far from my home in Texas to be with you for several days. This time was very exciting but I did not really understand why God had called me so far from home. You were very gracious and when I left I loved you so much more. I knew God had called me for a purpose but I still did not have a clear vision of why God had called.

In 2005 I returned with my daughter Melissa. She ministered to the children and I continued to teach the word of God. I believe this trip had a great changed on Melissa and she is considering an extended stay in Uganda beginning in August of this year.

In the last few years I have been able to send IGEM several thousand books which they have distributed through Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania. I thank you for your faithful service. You have also been hard at work with translating my books into Kiswahili. I believe we will see much fruit from this hard work for many years to come. We have had a good partnership in Christ.

Earlier in 2006, a friend of God’s Daily Word Ministries – Brother Eric in California – gave me some money to be used specifically for projects in Kenya. This was a wonderful blessing! We were able to assist in many training projects as well as several building projects. Glory Fellowship was our last and finest building project of the year. Please pray for Brother Eric and thank God for his faithfulness.

Bwana Asifiwe

Now I come to something which has been weighing heavy on my heart and has been growing heavier during these last few months.

Through this process God made a strong impression on my heart that we have done only very little if all we do is build a building. A building is nothing more than bricks, concrete, wood, and a few metal sheets. As nice as Glory Fellowship seems today, it will one day return to the ground as did the old building – or it will be burned in God’s consuming fire. God reminded me that all buildings are just a tool to be used for His glory. And He exhorted me to consider the responsibility I have been given in using such a wonderful tool. How should we use this tool called Glory Fellowship?

Today as you open this new church, I ask you to consider a new focus in the ministry of Glory Fellowship and in all of IGEM. God has brought us together for a purpose – and I do not believe the purpose is just to build this building. We must consider what must be done which will last for all eternity.

My dear Brothers and Sisters – I pray I have earned the right to call you my Brothers and Sisters as well as my Friends! I ask you with my strongest encouragement to consider these words. I do not have any authority to demand this of you but I believe God Himself is making the demand.

Here is what I am asking you to consider.

I’m asking that all of us – every one from the least to the greatest – have an absolute clear understanding of God’s plan of Salvation. Too often in our churches around the world we teach about living like a Christian but we never teach what it means to be a Christian. We cannot allow this to continue!

This false gospel is a devastating plan of the devil. Satan is seeking those he can devour. He isn’t concerned when people build churches; he isn’t concerned when people sing songs; he isn’t concerned when we teach things like the peace of God, joyful living, or even living a good and moral life – because none of these things lead to eternal life. We can do all these things and remain a child of the devil!!

The only thing which the devil hates and which makes him shudder is when someone believes Jesus Christ died for the forgiveness of sin. When this happens the person is no longer a child of the devil but a child of God for the rest of eternity. We have missed this most basic but essential message – and the devil is rejoicing. We must commit to stop his rejoicing TODAY.

I’m asking that you learn and teach the true gospel message and include this message in every sermon which you preach. If you do not, you will see an increase in your churches, but it will be an increase on the way to hell.

Our ministries have a wide ranging influence throughout Africa. We must now be responsible with what God has given.

Here is the true gospel message of the Bible:

  1. We must teach the concept of sin, that we are all sinners, and that no one can be with God unless they are free of all sin. But we must not stop there!
  2. We must teach that no one can be free of sin through their own effort or work. We often teach about repentance. This is important but if we stop with repentance all we have is people who are sorry for their sin but on the way to hell. No amount of sorrow can take away our sin and make us clean. But we must not stop there!
  3. We must teach that Jesus Christ – the Son of God – came to die as a sacrifice for sin for anyone who believes.
  4. We must teach that the penalty for sin has been paid by the sacrifice of Jesus, and when we ask for His forgiveness we are made clean and brought into the Family of God.

This is the basic message of Salvation. We cannot add anything or take anything away. There are many things we can and should teach about how to live as a Christian, but we must NEVER forget the basics of the message of Salvation. We are saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ – plus nothing! Without this message nothing else matters. Without this message people are still on their way to hell.

If you will receive this message and accept the challenge to take this message with you wherever you go, I believe God will bless your fellowship and your ministry.

May God be with you as you consider this all important challenge from the Lord.

I would now ask that you close by preaching the true gospel message in your own words. And if anyone has heard this true gospel for the first time, and if they believe that Jesus died for the forgiveness of their sin, that they would be encouraged to ask for His forgiveness, thank Him for His forgiveness, and begin to live and grow as a Child of God.

Thank you for allowing me to be with you today.

Your Brother,
Steve Troxel

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