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Christ-Centered Analysis

In the message “Promotion to Servant” we saw our need to turn aside from the self-advancement mentality of the world and become a humble servant of Christ. We also acknowledged this was no trivial task. Every morning, we must decide which analysis method we will use to guide our decisions. We must either choose the […]

Promotion to Servant

In the business world, a good job title and description can be extremely valuable. We often evaluate one another, and evaluate our own level of “success,” by the significance of our title and the importance of our description. We seem to have a great need to be esteemed; and employees have even been known to […]

In Spite of Our Weaknesses

In the message “At The Lord’s Command” we saw how, for forty years in the desert, the Israelites moved or stayed based on the movement of God’s cloud. Being able to recognize God’s “cloud” and sense its movement is one of our great challenges. For this challenge there is no answer but to draw closer […]

Evangelism Assignment

I need your help with an assignment. I am currently taking a few on-line seminary classes while we are on the road. One of the classes is focused on evangelism. I had thought this would be a relatively easy class but I’ve encountered an assignment which is much more difficult than expected. I need to […]

At The Lord’s Command

[In the last message, I revealed some of the struggles I face with receiving direction and the desire to do something “world-changing” for God. Today I’m reminded that God has indeed invited me to join Him as He changes the world, and that God will always make His way clear when it is time to […]

When Reception Fails

The last few messages have considered how God uses or even places us in circumstances for the purpose of molding and maturing us into “the likeness of His Son” (Romans 8:29). After all, this IS the plan of God. He is in the process of redeeming (buying back, or we could say restoring) us to […]

Loving Hands of Discipline

In the message “Into The Storm” we saw that God sometimes sends us into difficult situations to get our attention and draw us closer to Himself. These storms may be used to teach us basic truths or gently nudge us back onto His path. But the storms may also be used to make major corrections […]

Into The Storm

Immediately after feeding five thousand men, plus women and children, with five loaves of bread and two fish, “Jesus made the disciples get into the boat and go on ahead of Him to the other side” (Matthew 14:22). The disciples had begun to cross the Sea of Galilee when a storm arose which caused them […]

Leave Everything And Follow

When Jesus walked on the earth, He called a few select people to follow Him as He ministered. There was something irresistible about His call – something that opened eyes to a new reality and caused a radical change. Luke 9:23-25“If anyone would come after Me, he must deny himself and take up his cross […]

Compelled To Minister

In the message “Let It Shine” we considered our responsibility to shine the light of Jesus into the world. God will sometimes use powerful preachers to share the gospel message with thousands; but most often, He uses common people like you and me to share His love with one individual at a time. Sharing the […]

Let It Shine

After walking with His disciples for three years, Jesus gave the command to “go and make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:19). Jesus taught them the full gospel message and revealed the wonderful truths about our Heavenly Father; “I have made You known to them and will continue to make You known” (John 17:26). The […]

The Most Important Question

We seem to spend an enormous amount of time evaluating questions about our future: what school we will attend, what job we will work, who we will marry, and where we will live. These are important questions and deserve careful consideration. But have we given proper thought to the question which determines our eternal future? […]