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An Unsearchable Love

As I look back through the Scriptural account of history, I can see how God sent His Son to be born in a manger, grow and live among us, and die for our sins upon a cross. I can clearly see how the sacrifice of Jesus allows us, through faith, to enter into God’s presence. […]

Two Become One Flesh

In the message “Stay Off The Roof” we saw how seemingly innocent beginnings can have disastrous results when we entertain even the slightest area of temptation. This becomes even more critical in marriage when the result of temptation can cause great pain to the one given to us as a gift from God. By the […]

Stay Off The Roof

King David gave in to temptation with Bathsheba and then tried to cover up his sin with lies and murder. How could someone described by God as, “A man after My own heart” (Acts 13:22), make such a bad error in judgment? Sin is rarely the result of a single poor choice. Most often, the […]

Never Trade The Blessing

When Isaac was sixty years old, his wife Rebecca gave birth to twin sons. Esau was born first, followed immediately by Jacob; “with his hand grasping Esau’s heal” (Genesis 25:26). Esau grew to be a skillful hunter while Jacob stayed more around the tents with his mother. In the days of Esau and Jacob, the […]

His Consuming Fire

Ice will turn to water at a temperature just above zero degrees centigrade. We might consider the water to be consumed as it turns to steam at one hundred degrees centigrade. Wood must be heated to a much higher temperature before it’s consumed, and metal must be heated even more. I wonder how much heat […]

Dayenu – Jesus is Enough

In the message “Paid in Full” we considered the sacrifice of Jesus as the payment for our sin. His sacrifice on the cross occurred during the Jewish Passover, a yearly time of celebration and remembrance ever since God led the nation of Israel out of Egypt. The traditional Jewish Passover meal, or Seder, is designed […]

Paid In Full

In the message “He is Risen” we were encouraged to live as though we know Jesus Christ is risen from the dead. Please don’t skim past this encouragement because you think all Christians know this simple fact. The challenge is not in knowing the correct answer, but in living consistent with the answer in terms […]

He Is Risen

On the night before He was crucified, Jesus, while in great anguish, showed the human side of His nature and asked if there was another way for God’s plan to be accomplished; “My Father, if it is possible, may this cup be taken from Me” (Matthew 26:39a). Though He knew He would be physically, emotionally, […]