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The Protection of His Armor

In the message “Dressed For Battle” we considered how we all face an enemy who seeks to engage us in battle each and every day. The attacks are deceptive, but extremely methodical, as the enemy tries to pull, push, and lure us off the path of following after Christ. We then saw how our best […]

Dressed For Battle

The life of a soldier at war is difficult. They live under the constant threat of attack and each day they must prepare for battle. Each day they must make sure they are properly dressed to face the enemy. In a very real sense, we are ALL at war! Every child of God faces an […]

Jars of Clay

In the message “Sacrifice of Weakness” we saw how one of our greatest gifts we can give our Heavenly Father is the recognition of how little we have to give. It’s a wonderful mystery that the Almighty God can reach so far down and lift us up, through the gift of His Son and the […]

Sacrifice of Weakness

In the message “Remain Like a Child” we considered our need to come to our Heavenly Father with an understanding that we have no ability to save ourselves. We then saw our call to continually approach God like a little child approaching a loving Father; “whoever humbles himself like this little child is the greatest […]

Last Day of 2010

It’s hard to believe but 2010 has come to an end. Most people around the world will celebrate this evening by watching fireworks, either in person or on the television. Since I’m still in Australia I will experience the new year about the time my family in Texas is just beginning their last day of […]