Kenya Ministry Needs – 1

Kenya Classroom

During the month of December I will be sending out several messages – one per week – detailing specific needs for our Kenya ministry. This is a necessary part of the ministry. As our responsibilities grow in our two schools in Kenya, I need to at least make our needs known.

Today I begin with a relatively small financial need, but actually a critical part of the ministry – school supplies and Bibles. The schools have definite monthly needs, which I will detail in a later message, but twice a year we absolutely need to resupply teaching material, food utensils, and Bibles used in the ministry to families.

The teaching materials include: Text books, exercise books, pencils, crayons, chalk, paper, charts, modeling clay, felt pens, rulers, blackboard paints and wall paints. We also need a small amount for desk repair. For the food utensils we need: Plates, spoons, mugs, bowls, and cooking pots. These are all needed because we have increased our enrollment throughout the year. We also need a small amount for stove repair.

We would like to purchase 30 Bibles for our ministry to families. I have talked about this before but this is the area which I believe sets us apart as a ministry. We strive for excellence in our ministry to the children through the schools; we hire quality teachers who love Christ and desire to share His love with the children through quality instruction. We also work hard to provide morning and mid day meals. But we believe it is through the ministry to the families where the greatest potential for life change can occur. We have a full time family pastor on staff who is dedicated to visiting and working with the parents, to minister to them in any way possible and to generally share the love of Christ. It is important that we have a supply of Bibles to give to every family of our kids.

The total cost for all these needs is $3000. If you would like to contribute to these projects please do so by either clicking on the Donate Now button below or by sending a check to the address at the bottom of this message. Thank you so much for your continual encouragement and support.

Have a Christ Centered Day!

Steve Troxel
God’s Daily Word Ministries


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