Kenya School Update


It’s time for our final push to allow us to move into our new school. Please read about the progress thus far and praise God for all He has done. I need to raise more funds so if you cannot read to the end, please just skip down and click on the Donate Now button to support a very worthwhile project.

Our school project in Kenya has been going on since the beginning of the year and has been truly amazing. Last year we were able to purchase a piece of property in the very impoverished area of Mathare, outside of Nairobi. The property contained a tin structure but we decided to build a new facility that would be more permanent and would have the ability to grow with our ministry. With the extra end of year donations we were able to begin construction with the foundation and walls of a concrete facility. I had intended to put on a tin roof and perhaps continue the construction next year with a concrete roof and second story.


At this point I encountered our first challenge as I was informed we would not be allowed to have a tin roof because of new government regulations. I wrote an update message the end of March detailing the need to raise $10,000 to put on a concrete roof. This message can been seen at:

At the time I naively reported that this would allow us to fully occupy the first floor. It turns out that this amount would finish the roof, but there was much more finish work to do – more on this in a moment. You responded to my request and we raised the full amount plus a little more. We finished the concrete roof in April and even began the walls for the second story with the extra collected funds.


At this point I sent out an update message simply showing the progress and saying we will need to consider what to do about the roof for the second story. This message can be seen at:

I was trying to decide how to ask for more funds to put on a second story concrete roof when I received an offer from a Brother on this ministry list who wanted to fund the entire cost of the roof. This was very unexpected! We were able to continue with the construction through the end of May.


We began the process of cleaning up and making the facility more presentable and secure with an outside window on the first floor, an entrance gate, and plaster on the outside walls. The picture at the top of this message shows the current state of the school but it hides the many projects that need to be accomplished on the inside. We have already accomplished much more than I thought possible this year but I need to ask for one more push to allow us to finish out these floors and move kids into the rooms. Here are a few of the projects we need to finish: Electrical wiring, electrical fixtures, plumbing, metal doors, metal window grates, plaster over all walls, paint on all walls, and metal railing all around the second story. There are probably a few more that I’m not considering but this gives you the idea.


We have been blessed to have someone pledge a matching gift up to the first $4000. This means that if we can raise $4000, we will receive an additional $4000. This amount will come very close to finishing off the school and allowing kids to begin receiving instruction. And there is certainly no shortage of kids in the area. Our school is planned to have four floors in the next few years and they will be filled to capacity as soon as they are constructed.

Again, I am continually amazed at how many of you faithfully support this ministry. Thank you!! If you are able to help with this final push, you can do so by clicking on the Donate Now button below or by sending a check to the address at the bottom of this message. Any donation amount will help.

Have a Christ Centered Day!

Steve Troxel
God’s Daily Word Ministries

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Jun 22 2 Kings 3:1-4:17; Acts 14:8-28; Psalm 140:1-13; Proverbs 17:22



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