End of Year Needs


First, a big thank you to those who have contributed to this ministry throughout the year. Your support has allowed us to continue spreading God’s Word to thousands of people around the world. Your support has also allowed us to fully fund two schools in Kenya with over 150 children. And in 2016, your support allowed us to make excellent progress on a new building for our school in Mathare, Kenya. Thank you so much!!

We still have great needs in these last few days of the year. We are still $10,000 below what we should have to properly start the new year. In addition, we have an immediate need of $4000 to purchase school supplies. These supplies are once a year items such as books, paper, teaching aids, and kitchen supplies.

Your continued support is essential. If you are able, please consider an end of year donation by clicking on the Donate Now button or by sending a check to:

God’s Daily Word Ministries
PO Box 12441
Jackson, TN 38308

Please write if you would like additional information on making donations through direct bank or stock transfer.

Have a Christ Centered Day!

Steve Troxel
God’s Daily Word Ministries


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