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Our school in Kenya continues to progress and impact many lives in the community of Mathare, outside of Nairobi. There are archived messages detailing the work over the past many years at:

We now have 250 kids in our school from pre-school to grade 6. We will include grade 7 after the first of the year. The education system in Kenya will limit the school to grade 8. After grade 8, kids must test to be allowed to progress to the next level of education. Our goal for the school is to provide a Christ-centered education which prepares kids to excel and have the opportunity to continue.

As we enter the end of year season, I will detail several projects which will assist our work with the school. The first project is our annual food basket program.

Every year, just before the Christmas break, we have the opportunity to bless the families of our kids and our teachers with food baskets. This brings great relief and joy to the families as many are facing reduced work opportunities and have concern about how to provide basic food. The season of joy is often accompanied by terrible anxiety. A simple food basket can provide much needed relief!

Our goal this year is to provide 150 baskets – actually, bags which will be used to transport the supplies. The content of the bags will depend on the funds we can raise for this project in the next few weeks. Ideally, we would like to include $30 worth of supplies in each bag for a project total of $4500. Here is what $30 would supply:

2kg rice – $3
2kg beans – $4
4kg wheat – $5
4kg corn meal – $5
2lit oil – $5
2 large bar soap – $3
Bread – $1
Margarine – $2
1kg sugar -$1.50
Salt – $.50
TOTAL = $30

These supplies will last a single family 2 weeks during an important time of the year.

There will be additional projects during the month of December, but if you are led to provide much needed relief to families in the form of food, please make a donation through the Donate Now button or by sending a check to:

God’s Daily Word Ministries
PO Box 12441
Jackson, TN 38308

Have a Christ Centered Day!

Steve Troxel
God’s Daily Word Ministries


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