Ministry Update – End of Year Giving

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End of year giving is very important to this ministry. Many years we raise nearly half of our budget needs during the month of December. It’s a wonderful blessing to see how people respond with support, but it also causes more than a little anxiety – perhaps this points to the need for more faith on my part. This will be the second to last message I send out about our end of year needs. I will send out one more message on December 30th.

In this message I simply want to give you an idea of our overall needs for the school in Kenya.

I few years ago I mentioned that our monthly needs were about $30 per child per month. Our costs have continued to increase as food prices and teacher pay has increased, but since we have also increased the number of kids in our school, now at 250 kids, and looked for ways to be more efficient, the cost per child has remained the same. For $30 per child we are able to supply all the teachers’ pay, 3 meals a day for all the kids, and utilities for the school. $30 per child per month! We do not receive any additional support so we are operating as a private Christian school. For those familiar with the cost of private education you can see that we are making GOOD use of our funds.

In addition to monthly needs, we always have project needs that we tend to push to the end of the year. We have already received funds for several of these projects, but here is a list of the projects we are trying to accomplish:

1. Food baskets for 150 families – $4500
2. General library books – $2000
3. New curriculum for 7th grade and 4th grade – $750
4. Partition and desks/chairs for new 7th grade – $900
5. End of year teacher blessing – $1300 (total, divided between 15 teachers)
6. Uniform update – pullovers and socks – $1500
7. Repair of floors – $1000
8. Water tank – $500
9. Bathroom repairs – $2000
10. Painting – $1500
11. Other desk/chair purchase and/or repair – $850
12. Kitchen supplies – $650
13. General classroom supplies – $700
14. Property tax and school license – $1500

We are working on our 2020 budget and hope to give the teachers a good pay increase. We are still substantially behind what teachers are paid in the government facilities. Any extra funds collected during the end of year are put aside for our monthly budget.

Thank you so much for supporting this ministry over the last 20 years – is it really possible we’ve been here for 20 years?? Please consider making an end of year donation or joining our team of monthly donors by clicking on the Donate Now button or by sending a check to:

God’s Daily Word Ministries
PO Box 12441
Jackson, TN 38308

Have a Christ Centered Day!

Steve Troxel
God’s Daily Word Ministries


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