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Last week I told you about some difficulties with our school in Kenya. With the government saying that all schools and most businesses must close, and that everyone needs to stay home, food has become a serious issue. We tried to open the school to feed the kids a meal at mid-day, but the process ended in chaos as adults pushed into the school to obtain food. This message can be read at:

Today we tried a different approach with packaging dry beans and rice for distribution. We made over 200 1kg (2.2 pounds) packages of beans and 2kg packages of rice. This morning we were able to hand out beans and rice to 160 school families, 10 staff families, and about 50 community families. We only allowed a small number of people into the school at one time and employed security to help keep the process orderly. The process was very successful! Here is a short video from the distribution which shows the packaging as well as how we are managing social distancing.

Kenya Food Distribution (Click to view video)

This amount of food can sustain a small family for only three days but it is still very helpful. A distribution of this size can be done for about $1500 and we plan to distribute food in this manner once per week until the need is gone or we are no longer able.

I don’t usually single out individuals, but my daughter and son-in-law supplied the funds for this first distribution and another ministry friend has already donated funds to cover the next several weeks. I know there are many needs all around right now so please give assistance as the Lord leads. If you are led to help with this project, simply know that your donation is much appreciated!

Donations can be made through the Donate Now button or by sending a check to:

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