Kenya School – Quick Update

Mathare Food

The Kenyan government has said all schools must remain closed until June 1st. There is no way of knowing if this will change but we are currently planning for a June 1st start. There are a few new sanitation requirements that must be in place before we can open, but it’s nothing we cannot manage. Kenyan schools operate on a year round schedule with grade promotions occurring in January so there is lots of work to be done to make sure the kids get caught up for the year.

The food distribution program is continuing every Saturday to about 250 families. These are mostly families of our school kids but also many others in the community. This has been a great blessing to many and has been a very tangible way to share the love of Christ. Our school staff has been very involved in the packaging and distribution each week. This has kept them connected during this time and will help when we bring them back to work in the school. We have also been able to maintain their pay during this extended time off.

Our plan is to continue the food distribution each week until school begins and then possibly a few additional weeks to help with the transition.

Your donations to this ministry has made this effort possible. Thanks so much for your support!!

Have a Christ Centered Day!

Steve Troxel
God’s Daily Word Ministries


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