Kenya School Update

Mathare Washing Station (1)

First, a big thanks for your continued support. Even though all Kenyan schools have been closed for many months, our weekly feeding program has continued and even grown, our teachers remain encouraged and paid, small upgrades and maintenance projects have been done to the facility, and the children have continued to learn through our unique form of distance learning. I am very proud of our staff and so thankful for our GDW Family!

The Kenyan government has decided to allow schools to open within the next three weeks. However, not surprisingly, they have many safety requirements that must be satisfied before a school can receive approval. We have anticipated several of these requirements such as a washing station, an improved water distribution system, cleaning supplies, masks, and touchless thermometers. However, there are still a few upgrades we will need to make before being allowed to open.

We will need to upgrade our food distribution with more plates, cups, and utensils. This is relatively easy. The biggest requirement will be in how to manage the social distancing requirement. All kids must be 1 meter apart during all instruction times. We have two recommendations which will allow us to meet this requirement. The first is to build new single-student desks in about half the rooms. The second is to create some temporary additional classroom space in our courtyard. A large canopy type tent will manage this quite well. In all, we will need about $5000 in order to open the school next month.

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