Kenya School Update

Mathare Reopening

This week the Kenyan Ministry of Education gave our school permission to begin with a partial reopening. We had 75 kids report for classes from grades 4 to 7. More will return over the coming weeks. There are several praises related to this reopening. We were able to keep the staff together for the last many months while the school was shut down. The staff deserves a big thank you for making the necessary sacrifices and for working the food distributions. These food distributions will continue for the next several weeks, possibly through the end of the year, as families are slowly allowed to return to work. The staff also put in lots of extra time making sure the facility was cleaned up to government specifications.

I also want to give out a special Thank You! to my Director of the school. He has had a very difficult job these past months with organization and morale. His dedication and steadfast faith has further confirmed God’s leading in bringing us together many years ago.

Of course, the other BIG thank you goes out to our Ministry Family – You. Many have faithfully supported us during this difficult time and allowed us to continue paying the staff as well as feeding the families associated with the school. We even had to make several changes to the facility – desks, utensils, classroom tent, and water distribution – and you responded! Without your faithful support we would not have been able to reopen. It is sad that many of the private schools in the area have closed and are now operating as apartments with no plans to return to school operations. We are not yet done with challenging times, but we enter this next season blessed and praising God. Thank you so much!

Have a Christ Centered Day!

Steve Troxel
God’s Daily Word Ministries


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