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The Last Unopened Gift

Did you see it? You may have missed it…but it was there. Don’t feel bad, most people overlook this one. But there is still time. Today, before the new year gets started; before all the decorations get put away; before all the other gifts are set aside, open it! Romans 6:23“For the wages of sin […]

Day of Remembrance

This is another message I send out every year around Christmas. In this world which is doing everything possible to take Christ out of the season and day, it’s important for us to be reminded what this day is that we call Christmas. What exactly is December 25th? The early church didn’t give much thought […]

A Lifetime of Waiting

We’ve now been back from our travels for two weeks. The trailer is unpacked and ready to sit through the colder months. Christmas decorations are out – except for the lighted wire snowman who has seen his last Christmas – and presents are wrapped. And best of all, there seems to be a sense of […]

The First Move

I have sent this message every Christmas for the last several years, but this year it has a special meaning for me. This has been a great year! However, in some ways it has also been a year of frustration as I’ve struggled with the need to receive clear direction from God. I’ve prepared and […]

The Gift of True Forgiveness

Yes, as the song says: “It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” We are flooded with Christmas music, Christmas lights, and lots of Christmas “activities.” And although the Christmas “fluff” is often distracting, most of us are able to see through the bells and bows. In spite of the world’s attempt to pull us […]

Guided By Closed Doors

As we continue our search for God’s direction – patiently waiting and actively seeking His presence – we ought to rejoice with every single step He reveals. As we draw closer to Jesus, we will desire, more and more, to only take steps which are aligned with His will. Therefore, ANY direction from God – […]

Make Every Effort

I want to share two personal stories related to the message “Leave No Regrets”. The first occurred as I was getting the message ready to send. I had just come back from saying goodnight to our two younger daughters and the bedtime routine had not gone well. Most nights it does. We kiss and pray, […]

Leave No Regrets

When my mom was forty-three years old, she developed skin cancer and died within four months of the first diagnosis. I was in my early twenties at the time and I remember forty-three seeming much older than it does now. As I approached the age of forty-three (hard to believe that’s been seven years ago!) […]

Only One is Needed

The news is filled with stories of pain and heartache, frustration and confusion. It seems everywhere we turn, people are crying out for help and simply existing from day to day. This is NOT the life God intended! The abundance of trials we see today is not necessarily a reflection of a drastic change in […]

His Calm Within The Storm

In the message “Patiently Trust His Timing” we considered Abraham and Sarah as they waited for God’s promise through the birth of Isaac. Waiting for God’s direction and blessing can be a great test of our faith, but waiting on God for our rescue can be an even greater challenge. There are three great storms […]

Patiently Trust His Timing

God’s direction and timing is always perfect and always with a purpose – but it’s often with a purpose we may not initially see or understand. Even when we earnestly ask for direction through prayer and the study of His Word, God’s answers are usually not what we expect and are often perceived as slow […]

A Firm And Gentle Resolve

In the message “Without Compromise” we saw three young Jewish men face the ultimate test of their convictions. When the king threatened to throw them into a blazing furnace if they did not bow to a golden image, the three calmly refused to compromise; “We will not serve your gods or worship the image of […]