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Days of Our Youth

All through the Old Testament, God called the people of Israel to worship Him as the One True God. He spoke through Moses, the priests, and the prophets, but the people continued to turn away. Even after the Babylonians invaded Jerusalem God continued to call His Children to return to Him – to return with […]

Receive His Perfect Gift

We are often encouraged to share the wonders of God’s love through the uncompromising truth of His Word. There are so many all around us who are in great need! We live in a lost and dying world full of people who desperately need to know God’s plan of forgiveness and restoration. But as we […]

Give Them Something To Eat

Our world is full of people in deep spiritual need. Most have never placed their trust in Jesus for the forgiveness of sin and are literally starving right before our eyes. But even many Brothers and Sisters who love the Lord are desperately hungry to know Him more, or they have been wounded and are […]

A Clear Conscience

All I needed was four small bricks to complete the project. Nothing special, just four bricks; and after considering the selection I decided on a charcoal black which cost a little more than the standard red brick. The store was busy with several long lines of shoppers intent on completing projects before the end of […]

A Message of Truth

In the message “Protection of Truth” we saw that loving the truth of God is our protection against the deceptive attacks of the enemy. By knowing the truth, we can recognize the lies of “worldly wisdom,” and continue along God’s path without painful detours into the weeds. But we must be willing to faithfully apply […]

Protection of Truth

In the message “Wisdom of The World” we saw that “the wisdom of this world is foolishness in God’s sight” (1 Corinthians 3:19). But we also saw that the enemy uses the world’s wisdom as a very effective weapon. This false wisdom has permeated our society to the point where it’s difficult, if not impossible, […]

Wisdom of The World

There are many influences which compete for our attention; many different inputs which seek to shape our view of the world and, in turn, direct how we make decisions about our life. There is also an enemy who greatly desires to win this competition. The enemy is battling for the hearts of men, women and […]

His Message and His Ministry

Ahithophel was a highly regarded advisor to King David; “Now in those days the advice Ahithophel gave was like that of one who inquires of God” (2 Samuel 16:23). But when David’s son, Absalom, rebelled and sought to become the new king, Ahithophel joined with Absalom. Ahithophel had reason to be angry with David; he […]

The Look of Holiness

During the week before He was crucified, Jesus was asked many questions by the religious leaders. However, their questions were never asked for the purpose of education or to satisfy their true curiosity, they were asked with the intent of finding fault; “The Pharisees went out and laid plans to trap Him in His words” […]

Never Choose Barabbas

In the message “To Whom We Sacrifice” we saw how our daily actions reflect our priorities and values, and become, in a very real sense, the sacrifices we place on the altar. Everyday we make many decisions which either draw us closer to God or lead us further away – few decisions are truly neutral. […]

To Whom We Sacrifice

By the time Jeremiah became a prophet, the people of Israel had occupied the land of Canaan for about 800 years. Those years were generally characterized by a continuing rejection of God. Time and again the people turned from God and embraced the gods of the world. Through Jeremiah God called His people to return […]

Pay More Careful Attention

In the message “A Divided Kingdom” we saw how Solomon’s divided heart – his lack of complete devotion to God – eventually led to the division of the kingdom of Israel. We were then encouraged to continually draw closer to our Heavenly Father and prevent the kingdom of God within us from becoming divided in […]