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Be Still And Know

The presence of God is a wonderful gift which is available to every believer. No longer is His presence confined to a specific location or available to only a few; “I am with you always, even to the end of the age” (Matthew 28:20). But the gift of His presence requires discipline in order to […]

Strengthened By Hardship

On Paul’s first missionary journey, he traveled with Barnabas to Cyprus and then up through several cities in Galatia. After preaching the gospel in Antioch, Iconium, Lystra, and Derbe, they returned back through the same cities so they could strengthen those who had recently placed their faith in Jesus. Acts 14:21-22“They returned to Lystra, Iconium […]

Learn How to Fall

When my daughter was beginning to ride her bike she discovered an all-important truth. After a particularly difficult afternoon she came inside and said; “Daddy, you know the hardest part about riding a bike? It’s learning how to fall!” At five years of age she had discovered that falling was an inevitable part of the […]

Consume The Word

In the message “When We Hear His Voice” we saw that despite many calls and pleas from Jeremiah, the people of Israel failed to repent of their sin and turn toward God. After many years of rejection, God finally turned them over to their own evil desires; “Even if Moses and Samuel were to stand […]

When We Hear His Voice

In the message “No Shortcuts” we saw the importance of remaining on God’s path by obediently following His leading. There will always be temptations to take other paths to “get ahead,” but God’s ways are flawless and He calls us to follow Him with every step. Jeremiah was appointed God’s spokesman to call the people […]

No Shortcuts

In the message “Look Back From Eternity” we saw how one day, when we stand with our Heavenly Father, we will see the awesome purpose in the path we have traveled. If we continue to trust and follow His leading, we will see how each twist and turn in His path was designed to navigate […]

Look Back From Eternity

Ruth lived in the land of Moab just east of Canaan. She was not an Israelite but she married one of the sons of Naomi who had recently moved to Moab from Judah because of a famine. After ten years, Ruth’s husband died. Naomi was going to return to her homeland and thought Ruth should […]

Answer The Challenge

Why are so many “believers” content to live a life of mediocrity in Christ – a life partially devoted to following God and partially devoted to following the ways of the world? Without question, some have only put on the face of a Christian and have never given their heart to God through a saving […]

The Privileged Gift of Holiness

In the message “Put On The New Self” we saw how we become a “new creation” when we place our faith in Jesus Christ. When we are brought into a right relationship with God through the transforming power of the Holy Spirit, we begin a process of learning what it means to “put on the […]

Put On The New Self

How does (or should) a Christian live? We might say a Christian is “made” by grace through faith in Jesus Christ; and we might define a Christian as a child of God who will spend eternity in His presence. And while these are true statements, it still seems there ought to be something about a […]

His Work of Art

Do you ever wake up and wonder if you’re where God wants you? Do you ever wonder if you’re really following God’s plan for your life? These are normal questions and ought to be asked by every true believer in Jesus Christ. We should desire to follow His plan; and the only way to know […]

True Love of Christ

In the last hours of His earthly ministry, Jesus spoke with His disciples and gave a command which was considered new: “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another” (John 13:34). Should this command really have been new? Shouldn’t the disciples have known […]