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Contend For The Faith

Jude 3

In the message “Never Let Them Forget” we were challenged to continually share God’s miraculous gift with those He places in our path. We considered this mainly from the aspect of sharing what God has done in our life and continues to do as we walk with Him. But we are also responsible to share […]

Never Let Them Forget

Judges 2:10

After wandering through the desert for forty years, Joshua led the nation of Israel across the Jordan River and set out to conquer the land of Canaan. Joshua had seen God lead the nation out of slavery in Egypt. He had witnessed the parting of the Red Sea and God’s provision of food while in […]

Cast Out The Net

John 21:6

Very early in life (almost from birth) we are trained to be successful according to the world’s definition of success. We are driven by goals and accomplishments from the day we take our first steps and ride our first bike. As we grow older, we are pressured to accumulate knowledge and “things” in order to […]

It is Written

Matthew 4:4

The Bible is a precious gift. It’s God’s Word written by human hands, but inspired by the Holy Spirit. These words tell of the creation of the Universe and God’s first “breath of life” into man (Genesis 2:7). They tell of man’s first sin, his separation from God, and the long process of being brought […]