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Be Clean

The term leprosy, as used in the Bible, actually refers to a whole variety of skin conditions ranging from rashes, to open sores, to various infectious diseases, and includes true leprosy as we know it today. According to God’s Law given through Moses, a person with leprosy was ceremonially unclean and not allowed to take […]

Immeasurably More

Prayer is a vitally important part of our Christian walk, but it’s often greatly misunderstood. Prayer is how we talk with our Heavenly Father. It can never be used to manipulate God nor cause Him to do anything outside His perfect will. God is not our magic genie who has to grant our wishes! Our […]

Serve Him in Obedience

In the last two messages we’ve considered our need to walk with God in continued obedience in order to honor Him and allow us to experience His very best. God’s plan is that we learn to live in His presence and become “conformed to the likeness of His Son” (Romans 8:29). This means we must […]

Our Perfect Destiny

In the message “Don’t Strike The Rock” we saw how Moses disobeyed God’s command with obtaining water from the rock. God called Moses’ disobedience a lack of trust and punished him quite harshly; “Because you did not trust Me enough to honor Me as holy in the sight of the Israelites, you will not bring […]

Don’t Strike The Rock

Moses was chosen by God to lead the people of Israel out of Egypt. Through Moses, God demonstrated His awesome power and holiness. At the time, there was no one closer to God than Moses. However, even with this wonderfully close relationship, Moses still struggled at times with trusting God. After being led out of […]

A Faithful And Loving Bride

In the message “Living a Holy Life” we saw that though we have freedom in Christ, we are also called to live a life of holiness. As we continue to walk with Jesus, we are called to strive for purity in our worship while understanding that nothing we do can ever add to His gift […]

Living A Holy Life

In the message “Believe and Be Restored” we considered our need to believe that what God said is true. He said the death and resurrection of Jesus was the final sacrifice for our sin, and that those who believe would receive the gift of eternal life. Our Salvation is clearly a gift from God; “For […]

Believe and Be Restored

When God created man, He gave him dominion over all the earth; “fill the earth and subdue it” (Genesis 1:28). Man was created with a great amount of freedom. He was to take care of God’s Garden and obey a single command: “You must not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and […]

Christ-Centered Analysis

In the message “Promotion to Servant” we saw our need to turn aside from the self-advancement mentality of the world and become a humble servant of Christ. We also acknowledged this was no trivial task. Every morning, we must decide which analysis method we will use to guide our decisions. We must either choose the […]

Promotion to Servant

In the business world, a good job title and description can be extremely valuable. We often evaluate one another, and evaluate our own level of “success,” by the significance of our title and the importance of our description. We seem to have a great need to be esteemed; and employees have even been known to […]

In Spite of Our Weaknesses

In the message “At The Lord’s Command” we saw how, for forty years in the desert, the Israelites moved or stayed based on the movement of God’s cloud. Being able to recognize God’s “cloud” and sense its movement is one of our great challenges. For this challenge there is no answer but to draw closer […]

At The Lord’s Command

When God led Moses and the people of Israel out of Egypt, He had many lessons for them to learn. While on the journey to the promised land, God taught His chosen people about living a life of worship and holiness; but He especially taught about the need for obedience and trust. Though we often […]