Ministry Update – Gudwa

In the last two Ministry Update messages, I have focused on the work being done in the area of Mathare, outside of Nairobi, Kenya. Those messages can be found at:

In this message I want to give an update on our work in the small fishing village of Gudwa, on the shore of Lake Victoria close to the Kenyan border with Uganda. This village is inhabited by just a few hundred adults and many more than that number of young children. The main work in the area is related to fishing and it has been extremely difficult for the children of the community to obtain an education. We have been operating a small pre-school in the village for the last year and a half. Our small school building is just one room but we manage to fill it with over 50 children.

This year we have officially registered our ministry in Kenya as God’s Daily Word – Kenya. This has allowed us to look into expanding our ministry effort, and last month we had the opportunity to purchase a plot of land directly above the village. Right after the first of the year we will begin construction of a new five-room school.

The work in Gudwa is a wonderful praise report! In this school, as well as the one in Mathare, we are free to teach the love of Jesus as we minister to both the children and their parents. Thank you for supporting these efforts!!

I will send out more ministry updates before the end of the year, but please pray about how you might join us in this much needed work. The Donate Now button, at the bottom of this message, is for credit card donations. Donations through Paypal can be made through our web site at:

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Have a Christ Centered Day!

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