Ministry Update 11-16-18

Mathare School 7-18a (1)

This has been a good year for our school in Mathare, Kenya. We have been able to complete the school building which can accommodate over 200 kids. There will be normal ongoing upkeep and maintenance requirements but the construction portion is complete. Praise God!

In July, I sent out a message about a plot of land next to our school and asked if we could raise funds to purchase this plot. We were able to raise all the necessary funds and the purchase is almost complete. These things always take longer than expected but the final paperwork should be done on December 18th. Again, this is a huge Praise God moment!

Mathare Plot (1)

The plot will require a lot of work to get it ready for an activity area for the kids. We need to demolish the existing structures (which are already falling apart), level the plot, build a wall, and install a gate. All of this will require about $8000, but once it is complete it will provide a wonderful safe area for our kids to play and exercise.

Toward the end of every year, we also have a few extra projects related to the school. We like to hold a teachers retreat and take all the kids on a field trip. These two projects have already been done and have been a great success. The teachers retreat required $500 and the field trip for all 200 kids was accomplished for just under $2000. This included transportation, park entry fees, and meals. We had funds from regular donations to pay for these projects. Thank you so much!

Mathare Teachers (1)

Mathare School Assembly (1)

Mathare Field Trip 3 (1)

Mathare Field Trip (1)

Finally, we would like to, once again, distribute food bags to the parents of our kids and into the community. We have been able to do this for the last several years. This year we are proposing to distribute 200 bags at a cost of $20 each – a total project cost of $4000. We would like to distribute these food bags a few days before Christmas. This is so helpful for families during this time when many have a difficult time finding work.

Thank you for your continued financial support and prayers for this ministry. I truly believe we are making a difference in the lives of the kids at our school as well as their families. Our commitment to the community is a clear example of God’s love and provides many, many opportunities to share the saving message of Jesus. If you are able to help with the food bags, the finishing of the new plot, or the general operation of the school, please consider making a donation today by clicking on the Donate Now button or by sending a check to:

God’s Daily Word Ministries
PO Box 12441
Jackson, TN 38308

Have a Christ Centered Day!

Steve Troxel
God’s Daily Word Ministries


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  1. Purity

    I praise God for what the ministry is doing. I’m in Kenya and would like to donate a food bag. Who should I send the money for this to. Thank you.
    God bless

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