End of Year Request

School and Plot (1)

To all who have stood with this ministry with prayer and financial support: Thank you so very much! For the next few days I need to clearly let you know where we stand financially and what our needs are going into 2019. This is an important part of the ministry.

The picture above was taken this week. You can see that construction on the school is complete and we are nearly finished with clearing the new plot on the right. This is a wonderful blessing! To put this in perspective, here is a picture from just two years ago and another from 3 years ago.



It has been an amazing journey these past few years! We have witnessed something very special. Now I need your help to continue the important work of operating the school.

The school now has over 200 children. This ministry fully funds the school. We pay for all facility costs, teachers’ pay, meals, books and uniforms. At times this is overwhelming. Our budget for the school is about $6000 per month. On one hand this is a lot of money to raise each month, but it is also kind of amazing that we can have such an influence on so many children for this amount of money.

We are currently funded for the first three months of the year. Thank you so much! However, past experience indicates we need to be closer to 6 months fully funded in order to make it through the year. I believe we can achieve this in the next few days.

It costs about $30 per month for each child in the school. If we had 200 individuals who would commit to just $30 a month, we could fully fund the school all year, every year. $60 per month would provide for two children, $90 for three. A one time gift of $360 would fund one child for a full year. And a gift of $6000 would fund the entire school for a full month.

Please consider joining with us in this project. Monthly or one time donations can be made through the Donate Now button below. Several people make regular donations through their bank. You can also mail checks directly to:

God’s Daily Word Ministries
PO Box 12441
Jackson, TN 38308

Have a Christ Centered Day!

Steve Troxel
God’s Daily Word Ministries


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