Sherry – Moving on to Memphis

8/19/09, Wed: After spending two days in Louisiana at Barksdale AFB and two days in Benton, just west of Little Rock, Arkansas, we finally got to Memphis, TN on Monday afternoon. Steve prefers to travel short distances at a time when pulling the trailer and to stay more than one night because of the set up and take down involved with getting the trailer ready. It makes us all feel less rushed and we’re able to enjoy the journey more and not just the destination. I have to agree with him on that one.

In Little Rock, we visited the church where Steve knew the Worship Leader from a class he’d taken this summer at DTS. The name of the church is the same as our home church-Fellowship Bible Church, in Benton. It’s a satellite church of FBC Little Rock, which means they have their own worship and schedule but the message is done by the Teaching Pastor from Little Rock FBC by video and shown on the screen. The church was very friendly with only about 100-125 people. The rest of our family got to meet the worship leader, Aaron and his lovely wife, Janie. We went out to eat with them afterward at McAllisters and then they came back to see our trailer and visited with us for several hours. How refreshing to meet other Christians on the road and connect with them so quickly because of our mutual bond in Jesus. Janie is four weeks away from having their first baby and we are excited for them and pray for a quick and easy delivery.

The girls also met and made friends with Sydney, 11 yrs old, traveling with her grandparents and staying at the same RV park. They rode scooters, swang on the swings, enjoyed popcorn and rootbeer, and shared stories (including the story of Jesus’ love for her and how to become a Christian).
We were all very excited to finally get to Memphis and see Hannah, 5 yrs old, Caleb, 3 yrs old, and Tessa, 4 weeks old and of course their mom and dad, Shawn and Julie. The girls love being an aunt and we love being grandparents to these three precious ones.

Tuesday was Sarah’s 13th birthday and it was great getting to celebrate it with them. We went out for pizza and ice cream and had a brownie cake, with candles, to conclude our little party. We can hardly believe we have entered the teenage years again, since our older three children are well into their twenties now.

This week, starting Monday, we also began home schooling. We are doing a few subjects and will add to that in the coming weeks. It’s going to be interesting to see how to work in the school work along with the fun of visiting family and holding and playing with the little ones.


Sherry T.

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