Sherry – Moving on to Memphis

8/19/09, Wed: After spending two days in Louisiana at Barksdale AFB and two days in Benton, just west of Little Rock, Arkansas, we finally got to Memphis, TN on Monday afternoon. Steve prefers to travel short distances at a time when pulling the trailer and to stay more than one night because of the set […]

Kaylee – First Week

We have been on the road now for one week. So far we visited our friends (the Cotters) in San Antonio and my sisters in Houston. One of the things we did in San Antonio was we got all dressed up and took pictures of each other. Unfortunately we only spent one day there. When […]

Sherry – Visitation, Backache, and Anniversary

8/11/09 – 8/13/09, Mon – Wed: Steve had a chance to visit Stacey, with her counselor, on Monday afternoon and then we both got to visit her for two hours during the evening session. She has really changed and seems to have re-focused on getting her life together and starting fresh when she gets out […]

Sherry – Visiting family in Houston

8/8/09 – 8/9/09, Saturday & Sunday: Arrived in Houston on Saturday and greeted our daughter, Melissa, and her husband, Josh. We are staying in the trailer outside Josh’s parent’s house. More visiting time this way. Melissa and the girls made dinner for us(Creamy Pesto Spaghetti). Lots of catching up and just enjoying spending time with […]

Sherry – The Journey Begins

8/6/09, Thursday: Our journey of traveling full-time began at 11:11pm as we left our drive-way in Lorena, TX. Our first stop was to be San Antonio, TX. In the hustle and bustle of packing to leave, Steve and I never got any dinner. At midnight we stopped in Georgetown to get something to eat. Since […]