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Know Him Better

When a child is born into a family, there is almost an instant bond of love. The parent and child spend LOTS of time together and truly begin to know each other. The parent knows the needs of the child, and the child knows the parent as the provider of comfort and security. But as […]

Join The Battle

In the message “We Will Overcome” we were encouraged to hold on to Jesus when our strength fades and we become weary. We saw that our faith (not our strength) ensures we will overcome and receive the gift of eternal life. We can take great comfort in knowing Jesus will carry us and not let […]

We Will Overcome

God’s Word contains many passages which encourage us in our struggles. Paul tells us to “press on toward the goal” (Philippians 3:14), “run a good race” (Galatians 5:7), and “fight the good fight” (2 Timothy 4:7). Each of these acknowledge the struggle and exhort us to keep moving forward. But there are times we become […]

The Examined Life

We’ve heard it said, and it proves to be true, the unexamined life is not worth living. If we flow through life without evaluating who we are and what we believe, we have not really lived. Deep down, we all desire to take a stand and live according to a consistent set of beliefs. This […]

Opportunities For Grace

I try to open and close the door fast, but every time one still seems to fly in. They don’t really hurt anything (although I’ve heard they can eat your clothes) but one of the rules we have is that the only animals allowed inside the trailer are the two dogs who have become part […]

His Perfect Way

In the message “A Living Sanctuary” we considered our call to praise and worship ALWAYS, and that this can only occur as we trust God with all our heart and release control into His hands. We seem to often come back to this theme. Perhaps this is because releasing control is one of our major […]

Sherry – Moving on to Memphis

8/19/09, Wed: After spending two days in Louisiana at Barksdale AFB and two days in Benton, just west of Little Rock, Arkansas, we finally got to Memphis, TN on Monday afternoon. Steve prefers to travel short distances at a time when pulling the trailer and to stay more than one night because of the set […]

A Living Sanctuary

Our Heavenly Father desires our life to be FILLED with praise and worship. When we gather together with other believers for church services, we generally begin with songs of praise. We praise God for His love and faithfulness, and for the gift of His Son. We worship Him for His awesome majesty as we prepare […]

Clear Line of Communication

Communication is a key part of any relationship. Without proper communication, a relationship will slowly drift apart and feel isolated. This is true of friends and married couples, and certainly true in our relationship with God. Without communication, we begin to drift and will soon be unable to even recognize His voice. When faced with […]

My Daughter’s Daddy

I turned fifty years old the beginning of the month. I tried to let the event come and go quietly, but those who call themselves friends couldn’t let that happen. I’m not sure how the tradition began but fifty seems to be one of those milestone moments when we find special ways to tell someone […]

Kaylee – First Week

We have been on the road now for one week. So far we visited our friends (the Cotters) in San Antonio and my sisters in Houston. One of the things we did in San Antonio was we got all dressed up and took pictures of each other. Unfortunately we only spent one day there. When […]

Sherry – Visitation, Backache, and Anniversary

8/11/09 – 8/13/09, Mon – Wed: Steve had a chance to visit Stacey, with her counselor, on Monday afternoon and then we both got to visit her for two hours during the evening session. She has really changed and seems to have re-focused on getting her life together and starting fresh when she gets out […]