Sherry – Visiting family in Houston

8/8/09 – 8/9/09, Saturday & Sunday: Arrived in Houston on Saturday and greeted our daughter, Melissa, and her husband, Josh. We are staying in the trailer outside Josh’s parent’s house. More visiting time this way. Melissa and the girls made dinner for us(Creamy Pesto Spaghetti). Lots of catching up and just enjoying spending time with them. The girls slept in the house and Steve and I stayed in the trailer.

Sunday we decided to visit Voddie Baucham’s church, however we did not see him because he did not preach that morning. We were very interested to see how they did church since it is a Family Integrated Church(FIC). Basically, the families worship together and they don’t offer separate Nursery, Sunday Schools, Youth Groups, etc. They also stress the importance of Evangelism and Discipleship provided through the homes with the church providing the teaching and education to the father’s of the homes. If you want more info on Voddie’s church go to and info on how to find an FIC church is here: We may try and find others along our route to see how they integrate families into their worship.

After church we took the girls to visit Stacey who is in a group home called Women Helping Others (WHO). Stacey was sent there because of her addiction to pain killers, others are there because of various addictions. She will be there for 6 months and released in Dec. The girls had a great two hour visit(kids only day). Monday, Steve and I will get to visit her.

Later that day we had fun visiting Melissa’s in-laws, the Vander Hey family. What an awesome and fun family to be around. We played “jackpot” for an hour in the pool and then had a fabulous dinner. Dessert was a shared birthday cake for Steve’s 50th birthday (Aug 2nd) and Sarah’s 13th birthday (Aug 18th). What a joy to see Melissa and Josh and how well they are doing and what a neat family she married into.


Sherry T.

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  1. Melissa

    >Sherry, I have found you on here. yeah Tell Steve that I am loving his devotions. We have had such a lack of anything spiritual for 3 weeks and given the current stress, I think that has made things harder. love you both melis

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