Our Family is Hurting

This morning we were once again greeted with news of devastation somewhere in the world. This time it was tornadoes in the central US, specifically in the city of Joplin. Almost 100 people killed; thousands grieving. I don’t personally know anyone in Joplin, but I know many in Joplin through email. Many receive my email devotions and several support this ministry. This morning I had a strong sense of loss and grief.

I believe what I felt this morning is a glimpse of what we all ought to feel for people all around the world. I have many friends in Africa from my travels to that beautiful country and I was deeply saddened when Kenya went through the deadly political turmoil a few years ago. Another Brother in Sudan has been writing of the pains of hunger among those in his ministry.

Today our headlines give us a clear reminder. But the reality is that every day there are many around the world who hurt; and these who hurt belong to our family. I pray that we can slightly widen our view and expand our prayers. I pray for a renewed sense of compassion and outreach, because today, and every day, our family is hurting.

Have a Christ Centered Day!

Steve Troxel
God’s Daily Word Ministries

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