School Update – Praise Report

Mathare Kids in Play Area

Two weeks ago I reported on the discouraging news that the Kenyan government had mandated that all schools in Kenya are to remain closed until January and that all students are to repeat this educational year. The mandate remains in place and we have been trying to decide what to do with our staff. Could we really justify paying staff for such an extended time?

After many discussions with our Director in Kenya, I found out that for the last several months the teachers have been meeting with parents, giving out and collecting assignments, and providing feedback. I’m not sure why they never thought this was important enough to share with me but I was so proud I actually started to tear up. This is such a GREAT idea!!

Distance learning through the internet is not possible with our families in the very impoverished area of Mathare. However, this form of distance learning is absolutely brilliant! The process is giving families something to do together and engaging both the parents and kids in an educational experience when we thought the option was gone. We are up to a 75% participation rate with the parents.

When I was informed about this program, the decision about what to do with the staff was clear.

We have decided to continue to pay the staff and to allot some extra funds to cover the added copy expenses during this time. In addition, we will continue the weekly food distribution program which has been such a help to over 200 families. The budget for the food program was increased by $300 per week in order to add several families to the distribution program who are in extra need.

Thank you so much for continuing to trust and support this ministry. Your donations have been, and continue to be, a true life-line in this difficult time. And as with everything we do in this ministry, and especially in the school and community of Mathare during this time, we give all glory and honor to God.

Have a Christ Centered Day!

Steve Troxel
God’s Daily Word Ministries


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