Kaylee – First Week

We have been on the road now for one week. So far we visited our friends (the Cotters) in San Antonio and my sisters in Houston. One of the things we did in San Antonio was we got all dressed up and took pictures of each other.

Unfortunately we only spent one day there. When we were in Houston
my daily schedule was to wake up at 10:00, play video games, eat breakfast, play knee hockey, get dressed, eat lunch, play guitar hero, play out side or swim, play more video games, watch half a movie, eat diner, play knee hockey, finish the movie, and stay up till 12:00 playing guitar hero. I know it’s every kids dream but after you do it for 5 days it gets kind of boring.

One day we were there we went to ITS (like Chucky Cheese or Peter Piper Pizza except 10x more fun!). It has a roller coster, bumper cars, a ton of games, a buffet, and a movie theater you can eat in! It was so much fun! Our next stop is in Memphis, TN to see my brother and his three kids. Hannah who is 5 is so pretty, Caleb who is 3 is so cute, Tessa who is 3 weeks is so precious. I can’t wait to go see them.

Bye for now,

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  1. Anonymous

    >We miss you Kaylee, Lillie and Kaija

  2. Anonymous

    >I miss you so much! Hope you have fun! I'll write more later!

    Love you, Libby

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