Sherry – Visitation, Backache, and Anniversary

8/11/09 – 8/13/09, Mon – Wed: Steve had a chance to visit Stacey, with her counselor, on Monday afternoon and then we both got to visit her for two hours during the evening session. She has really changed and seems to have re-focused on getting her life together and starting fresh when she gets out in December. She plans to stay at a womens half-way house in Houston.

Tuesday morning Melissa and I went to Starbucks to have some mother-daughter time over coffee. Steve and I had the afternoon and evening together to celebrate our 19th Anniversary. What a lucky gal I am being married to such a sweet, godly husband. We watched a movie and then ate dinner at the Cheesecake Factory at The Woodlands. We loved the Avocado Egg Rolls and the Oreo Mousse Chocolate Cheesecake. Thanks Melissa and Josh for keeping the girls so we could have a night to celebrate.

At lunchtime I was leaning over the counter eating soup and the angle I was leaning caused my back to spasm. Since it was still hurting pretty bad we skipped walking around the shops and made it an early night.

Wednesday was my day to recover and rest my back from the pain I was having from a muscle spasm. My doctor called in a prescription for Tromadol to the local Walmart for pain relief. Once I took that I could move around again so we decided to leave the next morning.


Sherry T.

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